Body Gripping Trap Accessories

Body Gripping Trap Accessories

Body gripping traps are a great tool in catching animals.  We have traps that will catch anything from mice to beaver or bobcats.  Because these traps actually kill the animals and the larger traps are quite powerful, and sometimes difficult to set for the beginner.  It is recommended that the user be very careful and with the larger body gripping traps that safety devices are used.

For depressing the springs and setting the body gripping traps we have a scissors type setter in both metal and aluminum. We also have a pull type setter called the gem setter.

For safety equipment we recommend you use the cam lock or safety gripper.  These devices are put on the trap jaws prior to taking off the spring latches.  This way if the trap fires accidentally the jaws will not close.

For Body Gripping Trap Accessories we also have a variety of stabilizers for these traps.  The stabilizers fit between the jaws of a set body gripping trap.

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