Animal Exclusion and Patching Products

Animal Exclusion and Patching Products.

These products work on the principle of letting unwanted animals or wildlife out of a structure and then not letting them back in.  Exclusion products are those that eliminate access to unwanted wildlife or animals.

We have a variety of one way doors for chipmunk and squirrels that installed over an access point will allow them to leave but not reenter the structure or building.  These one way doors are also available for animals like skunks, opossums, and cats.  We also have products for exclusion of bats and birds.

A popular way to get rid of momma raccoon and her cubs is with the use of a Raccoon Eviction Fluid, this makes the mother raccoon afraid for her cubs so she leaves the residence with her cubs. No trapping needed for this save yourself some money.

Our patching products are used to seal up holes or other animal entry points, these are the products professionals use.  Check out all of our Animal Exclusion and Patching Products.

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