Foot Hold Traps

You will be able to find many sizes of foot hold traps. Check out our Coil Traps that come in a variety of sizes. We also have ones with regular jawed traps as well as off set jawed traps. You can find coil spring traps for mink, muskrat, beaver, fox, coyote, bobcat and many more. We have a variety of long spring traps for many animals. Our double long spring traps are for mink, raccoon, fox, bobcat, beaver and more. We also have a selection of single long spring traps for muskrat, mink, coon, weasels and more.

We have Coil Spring Traps for all animals including Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Beaver, Muskrat and Mink.  Our selection of Animal traps include Coil Spring Traps, Long Spring Traps, Foot Snares and More. We have traps from Minnesota Brand traps, Bridger traps, Duke traps and more.

Traps have been long used to secure food as well as fur for garments. Many of the traps produced now are much better at holding animals. Great improvements have also been made in regards to minimizing any damage to the animals foot. We have traps with wider jaws and improved swiveling to accomplish this.

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