Weasel Traps

Weasel Traps.

Check our large selection of weasel traps.  Live Traps for Weasels from Tomahawk and Comstock.  We have Foot Hold Weasel Traps and Weasel Boxes.  You can also find Lethal Weasel Traps, and Body Gripping Traps that will kill the Weasel.

We also have a full line of Exclusion valves from Tomahawk and Safeguard for Weasels.  These Valves are installed over a hole that weasels may be using to get in your home.  This Valve allows the weasel to leave but not reenter through this opening.  Works like a charm.

We have over 100 live traps from brands including Tomahawk Live Traps, Safeguard Live Traps, Havahart Live Traps and Comstock Live Traps.  Our Foot Traps and Body Gripping Traps manufactured by Bridger Traps, Minnesota Brand Traps, RBG, and More can also be found here.

At Animal Control Products we carry everything a professional or beginner trapper or wildlife control expert would need.  Check out our large selection of Weasel Traps and Removal Products.

Weasels cause damage by killing chickens or other poultry, they also enter houses readily in search of food and shelter.  Typically Weasels are not fearful of people and can often be observed.

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