Raccoon Traps and Removal

Raccoon Traps and Removal.

Check our large selection of Raccoon Live Cage Traps from Tomahawk. We also have a selection of Dog Proof Raccoon Traps. We have Foot Hold Raccoon Traps and Raccoon Snares and restraining snares.  You can also find Lethal Raccoon Traps, and Body Gripping Traps that will kill the raccoon.

We also manufacture Raccoon Eviction Fluid which will remove a mamma raccoon and its cubs from your chimney or attic without trapping.  Follow the directions and create a situation where mamma raccoon will fear for the safety of her cubs and will vacate the premises with them.

We have over 100 live traps from brands including Tomahawk Live Traps, Safeguard Live Traps, Havahart Live Traps and Comstock Live Traps.  We have foot traps and Body Gripping Traps manufactured by Bridger Traps, Minnesota Brand Traps, RBG, and More.

At Animal Control Products we carry everything a professional or beginner trapper or wildlife control expert would need.  Check out our large selection of Raccoon Traps and Removal Products.

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