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Sow Bug and Pill Bug General Biology, Reproduction, and Behavior

Color: Brown to Black
Seven Pair
Two Pair
Throughout the United States

The Pill Bug gets its name from the fact that when its disturbed it rolls into a tight ball that is pill like. They are not only found throughout the United States, but throughout the world. The Pill Bug is the only crustacean to live on land only. They have a hard, armor like shell that is recognizable by its 7 hard plates.

A female Pill Bug will hatch her eggs from a brood pouch that is found underneath her. It takes about 45 days to develop and hatch the eggs. There are normally 28 eggs per brood pouch. A Pill Bugs life span is approximately 2 years.

The Pill Bug is mainly active at night and this is to minimize their water loss. Pill Bugs need high moisture to survive and that is why they are mostly found in damp areas outside. If a Pill Bug is found indoors, it is likely there is a large population of them outside. A Pill Bug will not survive for more than a couple days if they happen to find their way indoors because of their need of moisture.

The Pill Bug is known as a nuisance pest as they do not spread disease or bite humans. They mainly feed on rotting vegetation and may cause damage to young plants.

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