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Fleas and Flea Control Products.  Flea sprays, dusts and do it yourself fleas and flea control products. Check out our professional grade do it yourself products.

Recommended treatment for fleas-start with treating the animals first with approved products.  Products to kill fleas in the carpet and bedding include CimeXa Dust, Precor 2000 Plus and Bedlam Plus.  Daily vacuuming will increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

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Flea General Biology, Reproduction, and Behavior

Color: Dark-reddish brown
Flat oval
Throughout the United States

Fleas are a freeloading pest as they find a host to latch onto and live there the rest of their days. Fleas will transport themselves on warm blooded animals and depending on the species, can transmit disease. Fleas are a parasite that feed on blood. At their feeding sites, redness and painful itchiness occur. They are known to transmit diseases to humans like the rare Bubonic Plague and Murine Typhus. In animals, Fleas can cause tapeworms and anemia. Generally, Fleas are transmitted to pets and humans by the transfer off of wild animals like raccoons and skunks. Fleas do not fly but can jump 150 times their height. A female Flea can produce up to 2,000 offspring. A Fleas lifespan is only about 100 days.


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