Color: Yellowish-dark brown

Size: 1/8”-6”

Shape: Elongated, worm like

Wings: No

Antennae: Yes

Legs: 15-177 pairs

Region: Found throughout the United States

Centipede General Biology, Reproduction, and Behavior

Centipedes are widely distributed throughout the world and the United States. They are most recognizable by their long, worm like body with many pairs of legs on each side. Strangely, the Centipede has an odd number of legs. The Centipede has long, sensitive antennae covered with dense hair. They have small mouths with claw like structures that contain venom glands. A Centipede can bite, and it is similar in that to a bee sting. Centipedes are rarely seen by humans as they are nocturnal and are very fast. Centipedes will live for up to a year but have been known to live up to six years. It is hard for a homeowner to know if they have a Centipede infestation as they leave no sign of an infestation. Centipedes winter outdoors and lay their eggs during the summer months in soil that has high moisture like in loose bark, rotting logs, under stones, etc. and in homes with damp basements, bathrooms, and potted plants. A female Centipede will lay 35 eggs over a course of a few days. Centipedes rely on their sense of touch and smell as they have very poor eyesight.

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