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Color: Black with orangish-reddish markings

Size: ½”

Shape: Elongated oval

Wings: Yes

Antennae: Yes

Legs: 6

Region: Throughout the United States

Boxelder Bug General Biology, Reproduction, and Behavior

Boxelder Bugs acquired their name from the fact that they are found on and around boxelder trees. They are primarily a nuisance pest as they invade homes, garages, etc. Boxelder Bugs are recognizable due to their elongated oval shape and orange markings on their back. The Boxelder Nymphs are similar to adults, but do not have wings and are a bright red color.

Boxelder Bugs hibernate throughout the winter months, while the boxelder tree is dormant. They winter in places like our homes in small cracks and crevices…wherever they can find warmth throughout the winter months. In the springtime when the boxelder trees start budding, the Boxelder Bug emerges to feed on the buds of the tree and even to move on to maple trees to eat their leaves. Sometimes, you will find Boxelder Bugs munching on the fruits of trees like apples or plums.

Egg Laying

Female Boxelder Bugs lay clusters of eggs that are yellowish in color on things like rocks, eaves, grass, and trees. After about two weeks the eggs turn a reddish color and then hatch. They nymphs will feed on the seeds and leaves of the boxelder tree.

When the weather starts to change in the fall, the Boxelder Bugs congregate on the south sides of houses to find the warmth to get ready to hibernate through another winter. Because of this, some homeowners feel swarmed by Boxelder Bugs. Though they are not known to bite, they can puncture through human skin. They are a harmless pest and just a nuisance for homeowners.

Pest Control Professionals use residual products like our Bifen concentrate.  They spray a 3 foot band around the foundation and treat around windows and doors.

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