Bed Bugs get their name from the fact that they are known to infest mattresses and while this is true, they will also infest cracks and crevices in houses. Bed Bugs feed on warm blooded animals and humans. Humans are their primary target as they are hairless and easier to latch on to. A Bed Bug takes about 5-10 minutes once latched on to their host to become fully engorged with blood.  Once full, the Bed Bug will rest for several days, sometimes months until they need their next meal. The Bed Bug injects the skin with their saliva to keep the blood from clotting and an anesthetic to keep the host from moving. A Bed Bug bite does not contain disease but will cause itchy welts. Other than having blood to survive, the Bed Bug can survive freezing cold temperatures all the way up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Bed Bugs are known as “hitch hikers” as they hitch rides to and from places on luggage, furniture, etc. to find new homes and hosts to feed on. The Bed Bug has a fast-reproductive nature as the females lays 1-5 eggs per day and it only takes 21 days for nymphs to become adults. Once a Bed Bug infestation has been established, they are very hard to get under control and to get rid of.  Check out our bed bug control products, they are the same ones professionals use.

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