Color: Orange with black spots

Size: ¼” long

Shape: Oval

Wings: Yes

Legs: 6

Region: Throughout the United States

The Asian Lady Beetle is often confused with Ladybugs. While they look similar, they are indeed different. The Asian Lady Beetle is native to Asia as its name implies but was first found in Louisiana in 1988. Since then they have infested the whole United States.  Asian Lady Beetles are known to swarm houses in the fall once the cooler weather starts to approach. They leave their feeding sites of fields, forests, and yards to find cover for the cooler winter months. They tend to congregate on the south facing sides on buildings and often find their ways into homes in search of warmth. Their migration seems to be heightened after cooler weather fall days that then warm up.

The Asian Lady Beetle has very few natural predators. During the spring and summer, the Asian Lady Beetle mainly feeds on aphids, eating them by the hundreds each day. The average time from egg to adult is about one month. The Asian Lady Beetle can live up to three years if they living conditions are right. 


Most Pest Control Professionals use a residual chemical like Bifen concentrate and spray the sunny sides of the house and around windows and doors.