Marten Trapping and Removal Products from Animal Control Products

Here you will find Marten trapping and removal Products. We have a large selection of products like live traps, kill type traps, foot hold traps, snares, baits, lures, urines and more.  You will also find equipment and everything else you need to trap marten.

Pine Martens are in the weasel family and are found in heavily wooded areas across the nation. Damage that is common from the marten is to poultry farmers.   When they get into a chicken pen they will kill several in short order.  In Germany marten commonly get into cars and chew hoses and wires.  The martens fur is very soft and at times is in high demand.  They are very feisty as is with most animals in the weasel family.

Trapping and removing marten can be done with Live Traps, Foot Hold Traps or Body Gripping traps. We also carry Baits and Lures for  marten trapping.

Featured Products for Marten Trapping