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Products for Fisher Trapping and Removal. We have a large selection of products like live traps, kill type traps, foot hold traps, snares, baits, lures, urines and more.  You will also find equipment and everything else you need to trap fisher.

Fisher populations have been on the increase and are now commonly found in suburban areas.  While fishers generally cause little damage they will raid chicken houses and kill many at one time.

 Trapping and removing fisher can be done with Live Traps, Foot Hold Traps or Body Gripping traps. We also carry Baits and Lures for fisher trapping and removal.

Featured Products for Fisher Trapping and Removal

Fisher Biology and Reproduction.

Fisher are native to North America and are closely related to Marten, but are larger. There are few predators to Fishers besides humans. Fisher have been trapped since the 18th century for their fur. The male and female Fisher look very similar. The male is 35-47″ long, weighing between 8-13 pounds, while the female is 30-37″ long, weighing 4-6 pounds. The fisher rarely eat fish, but will supplement with mushrooms, nuts and berries. Mating occurs in early March-April. Female fisher start breeding at a year old. Implantation is delayed for 10 months and in mid February the pregnancy begins with a 50 day gestation period. The female will bear 3-4 kits in the spring and will nurse and care for them until late summer. Just 7-10 days after the female fisher gives birth, she enters estrus again. Fisher will den in hollow trees to protect the blind and helpless kits. They will begin crawling at 3 weeks, open their eyes at 7 weeks and start climbing at 8 weeks. At 5 months old, the mother pushes them out of the den. Fisher are most active at dawn and at night. Most of their time is spent on the forest floor even though they are great climbers. The Fisher’s fur will change with the season. Blacker in the winter and will moult in the spring and summer. They have 5 toes on each foot with retractable claws. The fisher have a circular patch of hair on the central pad of their hind paw with plantar glands that give off distinctive odor that become enlarged during breeding season to make a scent trail. 

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