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Easy And Very Effective Repellent for Woodpeckers, Swallows and other Birds

"The Original Flasher"
There are a lot of repellents on the market for woodpecker control, however, one of the easiest, most durable, yet most effective products available is "The Flasher". This combination of colors, fluttering, and sound mimics the strike movements of predatory birds. This product has been used for over 10 years with excellent success. Wildlife control companies nationwide use this product with excellent results.

No batteries, cords, or other maintenance requirements. Small 2x6 inch reflectors are wind operated, easy to install and durable. Comes ready to install with manufactured support wire, use nails or screws, not included. Directions included. You must hang one on each corner of the house so birds will not move to another side of house where they do not see the Flasher. This product is the best bird repellent there is by far!

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What our customers have to say:

Worked great!! Woodpeckers were making "swiss cheese" out of the side of my house, but have not seen or heard one since I put up "the flasher". Great product!
J. Murphy

Barons "Bird Blaster Repellent"
Barons "Bird Blaster Repellent"
This product is a great when used in conjunction with The Flasher. This gives the birds the one two punch by irritating the eyes and nose. To use this liquid just simply spray in and around the holes the birds have made. Comes ready to use.

Please note that this product is not recommended to be used by itself.
the flasher woodpecker repellent
Flashers easily attaches to corners of eaves
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