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animal control traps
Fun, Easy And Very Effective way to chase away or repel geese.
Effectively scares away any goose
Effectively scares away any goose
Goose chaser is made with quality parts and remote controls. It is Waterproof and has top of the line rechargeable lithium batteries. Smart charger included with storage setting. Can be used to scare geese on Water, Land or Ice. Fully charged it will run at full output for 15+ minutes. Dismantles for easy transportation. Approximate size is 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet tall. Sounds like a vacuum cleaner when in use.

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Scott's Tip: Start the goose chaser from a hidden location for the first three uses to scare a flock of geese. Then park it within site of geese coming into the area. If they land, use it again to scare the geese away.
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What Happy Customers are saying about Goose control.
Once you get the hang of the controls - THIS THING IS A BLAST! The geese absolutely are terrified of it. I only wish I had more geese to scare away. SB Wisconsin
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