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rodent, rat and mouse repellents. Products to keep away rats and mice. Other products for rodent rat and mouse control.

left_img Pest a Cator....Plug in rodent and insect repellent. Insect and Rodent Repellent. Covers up to 2000 square feet. Works behind walls and ceilings and can be used anywhere. Safe to use around all household animals except gerbils, hamsters and other rodent pets. Plus, the unique Pest-A-Cator activity will not adversely affect computers, telephones or other home appliances.Very easy to use, UL listed safe. This is NOT ultrasonic - ultrasonic s do not penetrate walls where pests hide.The Pest-A-Cator sends a pulsating signal throughout the wiring of homes and other structures. This silent pulse annoys insects and rodents driving them from behind walls, floors and ceilings where they hide and nest.
Price: $39.99 Stock #: PC1
Transonic XL
left_img Transonic XL. This Best-Selling electronic repeller couldn't be simpler - just plug the device in to repel rodents, bats, spiders, & more. Combines both sonic (audible) & ultrasonic (silent-to-most-humans) sound waves. No chemicals, no traps - humane, green, safe solution Sounds disrupt pests' communication, feeding habits, & habitat Five custom settings available, Easy to operate Simple, discreet, cost-effective solution Safe to use around children & pets Covers up to 3,500 sq. ft
Price: $95.00 Stock #: TRNS
Coyote/Brush Wolf Urine
left_img Coyote or Brush Wolf urine 16 oz. Coyote/Brush Wolf Urine is commonly used to trap canines and as a deterrent for rodents, rabbits, etc... These critters think a coyote or wolf is in the vicinity so they stay clear of your shrubs, trees, and flower gardens. Long lasting odor to keep rodents away. Comes in a squirt bottle for control of the areas you want treated. 16 oz. for only $8.10
Price: $8.10 Stock #: CU16
FU16 Fox Urine 16oz.
left_img FU16... Fox Urine 16 oz. Fox Urine used for trapping canines and commonly used to repel rodents away from shrubs,trees, and flower beds. Rodents mistakenly think a fox is in the area and they will stay clear! Comes in easy to use squirt bottle.
Price: $7.25 Stock #: FU16
Bobcat Urine
left_img Bobcat Urine...16 oz. Bobcat urine can be used at predator sets as an attractor and fear eliminator or as a rodent repellent. Comes in 16 oz. plastic squirt bottles for ease in handling.
Price: $7.25 Stock #: BU16