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rodent, rat and mouse traps. live traps for rat and mouse control. kill traps for rats, rodents, and mouse removal.

Little Killer Squirrel Trap
left_img Little Killer Squirrel Trap: This is a choker style trap that is made mostly of wood. Very effective on smaller squirrels but works for all squirrels. Can be set on vertical and horizontal surfaces. No tools required to set. Just put the bait in the bait depression located in the front of the trap and set. NOTE: These traps are not meant to be left outside in the elements.
Price: $29.00 Stock #: LKST
Rat Snap Trap
left_img Victor Rat Snap Trap. This trap is commonly used by pest control professionals and thousands of homeowners. Very easy to use, comes with directions. Also a great chipmunk and weasel trap.
Price: $1.95 Stock #: RT1
Mouse Snap Traps
left_img Victor Mouse Snap Trap(two pack) Most common mouse trap on the market used by thousands of home owners and pest control professionals. Pre-baited, easy to set. Positioned with the oversize \"cheese\" trigger facing the wall, they fire when a hungry mouse steps on the trigger, which is adjustable for firm or sensitive settings.
Price: $1.55 Stock #: MT2
Live Catch Mouse Traps
left_img Kness mouse live trap. Tip trap. The simple live capture mousetrap. Place bait on the inside of the removable end cap. Place trap near a wall with door open. The smell of the bait will cascade from the unit, out the trap door and attract the mice. When mice enter the Tip-Trap they will cause the unit to tip, closing the mouse inside. To release, simply pull back on closed trap door and let mouse slide out.
Price: $2.95 Stock #: MT-KN
Ketch All (rodent live trap)
left_img Ketch all, continuous catch live rodent trap. Catch them all, with this round-the-clock sentry. Simple, yet unbeatably smart. Sure-Set, sets right the first time, every time with no baiting required. This galvanized trap catches multiple mice per setting. Mice trigger the paddle wheel, which pushes them into the caged end. Trapped mice attract other mice, so it's possible the whole family may be caught. Trap is easily emptied. right_img
Price: $14.95 Stock #: KA
Rodent livetrap
left_img Safeguard rodent live trap #53070. The dimensions of this trap are 3x3x10. Very easy to use, just push in the door until it latches. Put squirrel bait in the back of the trap and it is ready to use. Catches animals like voles, mice, chipmunks,flying and red squirrels, and similar sized animals. Safe to use around children and pets. For best results when trapping squirrels and chipmunks use Baron's Brand Squirrel Butter or Baron's Brand Squirrel Jelly bait. Proven results!
Price: $26.00 Stock #: 53070
Squirrel Butter 6 oz.
left_img Squirrel Butter 6 oz. Absolutely the best bait for squirrels, chipmunks, ground squirrels, rats, and other rodents. Number one bait wildlife professionals use for trapping squirrels. Affordably priced at $6.50 per 6 oz., this bait will last for a long time as you only need a teaspoon in your trap. Smells stronger than peanut butter and will not go rancid. Squirrels cannot resist checking it out! "Contains Peanuts"
Price: $6.50 Stock #: SB6
0610 Victor Gopher Trap
left_img 0610... Victor Gopher Trap is a sturdy, quick-action trap-Used by government agencies in POCKET GOPHER control-Fully assembled- easy to use.
Price: $4.50 Stock #: 0610
Stick-All Glue Traps
left_img Stick-All Glue Traps. 4 pack. Used by themselves or in the Stick-All rodent and insect trap. All come prebaited and ready to use just peel off protective paper. No harmful chemicals or poisons.
Price: $3.50 Stock #: Glu4
Victor Mouse Glue Trap
left_img Replacement glue traps for cardboard snake trap. only 49 cents each. Can also be used for rodents, cockroaches, spiders and other insects.
Price: $0.49 Stock #: Vicgt
Victor Glue Trap for Rats
left_img Victor Glue Trap for Rats. Pests: Traps Rats, mice, insects, scorpions, roaches, and snakes as they crawl across it.
Price: $1.45 Stock #: VI1Rat
Victor Glue Traps for Rats - Box (24 Traps)
left_img Victor Glue Traps for Rats - Box (24 Traps) Pests: Rats, mice, insects, scorpions, roaches, and small snakes.
Price: $25.61 Stock #: VI24Rat
Victor Mouse Glue Trap - Box (72 Boards)
left_img Victor Mouse Glue Trap - Box (72 traps) Pests: Traps mice, insects and snakes as they crawl across it.
Price: $23.76 Stock #: VI72Mice