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Lures made by Russ Carman

Carman's Magna Glan
left_img Carman's Magna Glan 1 oz. A unique odor that really calls in the fox, coyote, bobcat, and raccoon.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CMG
Carman's Deep Creek
left_img Carman's Deep Creek 1 oz. Mink lure, good for dryland or water.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CDC
Carman's Coyote Gland
left_img Carman's Coyote Gland Lure 1 oz. Made from western coyote glands. Use with or without bait.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CCG
Carman's Pro's Choice #3
left_img Carman's Pro's Choice #3 This single lure has done more to build the Carman name than any other lure he makes. Carman's best seller. For all canines.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CPC3
Carman's Canine Call
left_img Carman's Canine Call 1 oz. Carman's best selling fox, coyote, and bobcat lure. Also good on fisher and marten.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CCC1
Carman's Raccoon Lure #1
left_img Carman's Raccoon Lure 1 oz. #1 A professional lure for the serious coon trapper.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CRL1