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Barons Brand Lures made by Scott Behrens

Raccoon Remover Eviction Fluid
left_img 1 oz. Raccoon Remover and Evictor Fluid - Used for removing female raccoons and their babies from chimneys and attics. Simply squirt a little on a rag and throw down the chimney or place on several rags and scatter in attic. Makes Momma raccoon naturally fear for her young ones safety. Typically she will move out overnight, taking her babies with her. Works like a charm for females but will not work for male raccoons.
Price: $12.00 Stock #: RM1
Squirrel Jelly 6 oz.
left_img Squirrel Jelly paste bait 6 oz. Squirrel Jelly is a fruity bait specially formulated to attract red squirrels, flying squirrels, and chipmunks. Will also work great on finicky gray squirrels. Comes in a 6 oz. plastic container. A favorite of wildlife control companies. You can't beat this price! You only need a teaspoon in your trap and it is irresistible! "Contains Peanuts"
Price: $6.50 Stock #: NN6
Squirrel Trail Mix
left_img Squirrel Trail Mix 4 oz. Dribble a trail of this outstanding lure from the area the animal frequents into the rear of your trap. This trailing scent will increase your trapping success greatly by helping to lead the animal directly into the trap. Can be used with or without additional bait, but if you want to increase your odds use with Squirrel Butter or Squirrel Jelly, this combination can't be beat. Works great for Raccoons, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Ground Squirrels, and Rabbits too.
Price: $6.50 Stock #: BB4
Squirrel Butter 6 oz.
left_img Squirrel Butter 6 oz. Absolutely the best bait for squirrels, chipmunks, ground squirrels, rats, and other rodents. Number one bait wildlife professionals use for trapping squirrels. Affordably priced at $6.50 per 6 oz., this bait will last for a long time as you only need a teaspoon in your trap. Smells stronger than peanut butter and will not go rancid. Squirrels cannot resist checking it out! "Contains Peanuts"
Price: $6.50 Stock #: SB6
Skunk Buffet
left_img Skunks will think there is a buffet especially for them with this non fishy bait. Developed for trapping skunks in areas where catching cats is to be avoided. Outstanding all spring and summer. Holds up well under rain or dry weather. Skunks cannot resist this feast.
Price: $6.50 Stock #: RP6
Rabbit Magic
left_img Rabbit bait. A paste style bait to be put on a leaf of cabbage or lettuce and placed in the back of your trap. Even finicky rabbits find this too hard to resist. Works good on raccoons too.
Price: $6.50 Stock #: RM6
Raccoon Jam
left_img Raccoon Jam 6 oz. A very strong berry type bait formulated especially for raccoons. Excellent for summer and early fall use, holds up well in heat or rain. Great for use in areas where you are trying to avoid cat catches. Number one bait for catching those pesky coons. At this price you have to try it, wildlife control companies across the country rely on this bait. Raccoons love it!!
Price: $6.50 Stock #: CG6
Raccoon Candy
left_img Raccoon Candy...6 oz. This is a very sweet candy smelling paste that raccoons cannot resist. Great for use in cage traps. Holds up well in any weather conditions. Wildlife control professionals use this bait with great success. Want results? use this bait, raccoons love sweets!
Price: $6.50 Stock #: SS6
38 Special Raccoon Bait
left_img 38 Special Raccoon Bait...16 oz. Comes in a 16 oz. squirt bottle for easy handling. It can be used at any time of the year as a trailing scent or bait. Made with oils that raccoons love and works on most other animals. Very strong smoked fish odor. This is the one raccoons cannot resist. Fantastic results!
Price: $8.00 Stock #: 38S16
Groundhog Heaven
left_img Groundhog Heaven 4 oz. Woodchucks, Rabbits, Skunks. This product comes in a 4 oz. plastic squirt bottle and is used mainly for woodchucks or groundhogs. Simply dribble a trail into the trap from the area the animal frequents. In the rear of the trap put 10 - 15 more drops on a cabbage leaf or half an apple. Woodchucks (Groundhogs) can't resist checking this scent out and will soon be waiting for you in your trap. This is the best trailing scent on the market and affordably priced.
Price: $6.50 Stock #: CR4
Woodchuck Salad
left_img Woodchuck Salad 6 oz. A unique combination of the woodchucks and rabbits favorite foods. Strong and long lasting, holds up well in rainy or dry weather. Use in combination with Groundhog Heaven trailing scent for a super success rate. Also works great as rabbit bait!
Price: $6.50 Stock #: RB6
Big Bucks
left_img Big Bucks is the best mink lure on the market. It will attract any mink that comes along. Can be used at any type of set and is attractive all year long. Comes in a 1 oz. glass bottle.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: Big Bucks
Rat Terror
left_img Rat Terror 1 oz. This is highly attractive to any muskrat passing by. Can be used at any set to catch muskrats. Comes in one ounce glass bottle.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: RT1oz
Flattails Surprise
left_img Flattails Surprise 1 oz. Flattails Surprise is very attractive to all passing beaver. Good anytime of the year in any part of the country. Professional beaver trappers really love this one. Comes in a 1 oz. glass jar. Guard the beaver entry with a body gripping 330 and BAM!
Price: $6.25 Stock #: FS1
Dog Fight Coyote Lure
left_img Dog Fight Coyote Lure...1 oz. This is a coyote gland lure made to be used in conjunction with Bait or Coyote urine. Great for scent post sets.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: DF1
Cat Claws Bobcat Lure Out of Stock
left_img Cat Claws Bobcat Lure....1 oz. Cat Claws is a great bobcat lure and is also attractive to fox, coyote, and fisher. Can be used at any type of set and in conjunction with bait. Comes in a 1 oz. glass jar.
Price: $0.00 Stock #: CC1
Dead End Predator Lure
left_img Dead End Predator Lure...1 oz. Dead End is a combination of food and curiosity ingredients. It is pasty and holds up great in wet weather. Great for fox, coyote, and bobcat. Comes in a 1 oz. glass jar. Best bait in the industry by far!
Price: $6.25 Stock #: DE1
Long Call Predator Lure
left_img Long Call Predator Lure...1 oz. An all time favorite of many trappers, Long Call is as it's name implies. It is used to attract predators from a long distance or used in very cold weather. Can be used for fox, coyotes, bobcats, martin, fisher, and skunks. Comes in 1 oz. glass jars. Very Strong Odor, this one will call them in!
Price: $6.25 Stock #: LC1