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Coyote traps, baits, products, and supplies for coyote trapping.

Victor Soft Catch Trap #3
left_img CC3...Cushion Catch Foot Trap #3 This Victor Soft Catch Trap can be used for coyote, fox, or bobcat. It features a 5 15/16" jaw spread that has rubber pads to reduce or eliminate injury to the animal.
Price: $20.20 Stock #: CC3
Collarum Predator Trap
left_img ColCDM...Collarum Predator Trap...Live Trap Collarum Deluxe Model. The collarum is a safe, humane, canine specific capture device. People have taken coyotes from backyards and gardens, problem dogs at a landfill, and coyotes and fox working sheep pastures. This is a cable restraining device that is very unique. Comes with a training video. Use Barons Brand Pot Luck as bait.
Price: $79.95 Stock #: ColCDM
Medium Snare
left_img BBS2...Medium Snare Medium Snare used for fox, coyote, raccoon, beaver, and similar sized animals. Cable Restraints- They are 3/32, 7x7 cable, 63" long. cam locks. with adjustable loop end.
Price: $2.25 Stock #: BBS2
Large Snare
left_img BBS3...Large Snare Wolf, Hog Snare, with support collars. 1/8, 7x7, 96" long, with a cam lock and an adjustable loop end.
Price: $2.50 Stock #: BBS3
Trapping North American Furbearers
left_img Trapping North American Furbearers by Stanley Hawbaker.
Price: $10.95 Stock #: nabk
Snares and Snaring
left_img Dynamite snares and snaring by Tom Krause. Covers snaring A to Z.
Price: $10.95 Stock #: snar-bk
FU16 Fox Urine 16oz.
left_img FU16... Fox Urine 16 oz. Fox Urine used for trapping canines and commonly used to repel rodents away from shrubs,trees, and flower beds. Rodents mistakenly think a fox is in the area and they will stay clear! Comes in easy to use squirt bottle.
Price: $7.25 Stock #: FU16
Coyote/Brush Wolf Urine
left_img Coyote or Brush Wolf urine 16 oz. Coyote/Brush Wolf Urine is commonly used to trap canines and as a deterrent for rodents, rabbits, etc... These critters think a coyote or wolf is in the vicinity so they stay clear of your shrubs, trees, and flower gardens. Long lasting odor to keep rodents away. Comes in a squirt bottle for control of the areas you want treated. 16 oz. for only $8.10
Price: $8.10 Stock #: CU16
Coyote/Brush Wolf Urine
left_img Coyote/Brush Wolf Urine 32 oz. Is commonly used to trap canines and as a deterrent for rodents, rabbits, etc...Urine is an effective repellent as other animals mistakenly think a coyote and or wolf is in the area so they will stay away from your trees, shrubs, and flower gardens. Comes in squirt bottle so you can treat just the areas you want. Lasts thru several rains, reapply as often as needed. 32 oz. for only $11.25.
Price: $11.25 Stock #: CU32
Bobcat Urine
left_img Bobcat Urine...16 oz. Bobcat urine can be used at predator sets as an attractor and fear eliminator or as a rodent repellent. Comes in 16 oz. plastic squirt bottles for ease in handling.
Price: $7.25 Stock #: BU16
Dog Fight Coyote Lure
left_img Dog Fight Coyote Lure...1 oz. This is a coyote gland lure made to be used in conjunction with Bait or Coyote urine. Great for scent post sets.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: DF1
Cat Claws Bobcat Lure Out of Stock
left_img Cat Claws Bobcat Lure....1 oz. Cat Claws is a great bobcat lure and is also attractive to fox, coyote, and fisher. Can be used at any type of set and in conjunction with bait. Comes in a 1 oz. glass jar.
Price: $0.00 Stock #: CC1
Dead End Predator Lure
left_img Dead End Predator Lure...1 oz. Dead End is a combination of food and curiosity ingredients. It is pasty and holds up great in wet weather. Great for fox, coyote, and bobcat. Comes in a 1 oz. glass jar. Best bait in the industry by far!
Price: $6.25 Stock #: DE1
Long Call Predator Lure
left_img Long Call Predator Lure...1 oz. An all time favorite of many trappers, Long Call is as it's name implies. It is used to attract predators from a long distance or used in very cold weather. Can be used for fox, coyotes, bobcats, martin, fisher, and skunks. Comes in 1 oz. glass jars. Very Strong Odor, this one will call them in!
Price: $6.25 Stock #: LC1
Carman's Magna Glan
left_img Carman's Magna Glan 1 oz. A unique odor that really calls in the fox, coyote, bobcat, and raccoon.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CMG
Carman's Coyote Gland
left_img Carman's Coyote Gland Lure 1 oz. Made from western coyote glands. Use with or without bait.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CCG
Carman's Pro's Choice #3
left_img Carman's Pro's Choice #3 This single lure has done more to build the Carman name than any other lure he makes. Carman's best seller. For all canines.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CPC3
Carman's Canine Call
left_img Carman's Canine Call 1 oz. Carman's best selling fox, coyote, and bobcat lure. Also good on fisher and marten.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CCC1