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Skunk traps, baits, products and supplies to trap and remove skunks.

Talstar PL Granules
left_img Talstar PL Granules 25 lb bag. Make your moles, skunks, and armadillos move by eliminating the food source. Pests: Targets a wide variety of pests including: grubs, ants, fleas, ticks, crickets, centipedes, spiders, and much more. Not for sale to NY, AK, PR, VI, CT. A 25 lb bag covers 5,000 to 10,000 feet.
Price: $28.88 Stock #: FMCTel25
160 Body Trap
left_img 160 Conibear body grip trap. For raccoons, woodchucks, rabbits and similar sized animals. No baiting required! This trap is designed to be placed over an entrance hole and the trap is sprung when the animal enters or leaves. Can also be placed in the animals line of travel. For use with rabbits, woodchucks, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, skunks and similar sized animals. 6x6 inch opening. For safe handling use with the 0963 Safety Gripper, this allows you to put the trap in place without setting it off. This trap is strong and may be hard for some to set by hand. If you think you may have trouble setting any of the body grip traps use the GEM Body Grip Trap Setter.
Price: $8.49 Stock #: 160d
220 Body Trap
left_img 220 Conibear body grip trap. For raccoons, otters, woodchucks and similar sized animals. A kill type trap that is placed in runways or over burrow holes allowing the animal to move through the trap thus capturing it. Use on raccoons, skunks, otters, fishers, opossums, and similar sized animals. Please use this trap with caution and keep out of areas that pets or children frequent. For safe setting and handling use with the 0963 Safety Grippers and the GEM Body Grip Trap Setters. (This is a very strong trap you will most likely not be able to set by hand). 7x7 inch opening. Comes with directions, simple and very effective!
Price: $10.89 Stock #: 220d
Body Grip trap setter
left_img The GEM Trap Setter for body gripping traps should be used by anyone that is unfamiliar with setting traps. Will set all sizes of the body gripping traps. 110d, 160d, 220d, and the 330d. Easy to use, strong, lightweight, affordable and will last a life-time. See Safety Gripper also for safety in placing traps. right_img
Price: $13.95 Stock #: GEM
Safety Gripper
left_img Safety gripper. For safety when using Conibear/body gripping kill traps. Once body traps are set this item allows you to handle the trap safely until it is positioned. Use with the 110d, 160d, 220d, and the 330d. This item is highly recommended for people not familiar with these traps or when they are to be positioned in difficult or low visibility areas. At this low price it definitely pays to be safe. right_img
Price: $6.15 Stock #: 0963
110 Body Grip Bracket
left_img 110 Barkers Body Grip Mounting Bracket. The Body grip Mount is a steel bracket that is used to hold Body Grip Type Traps. Use by nailing bracket to the ground where you want to locate the trap, a limb, log, tree, board, or stake. It holds the body grip so it won't tip, twist, slide sidewise, fall over, or be knocked over. Set the trap -- closing the jaws on the Body grip Mount to hold it solidly in place until the trap is fired. Reset the trap after a catch in seconds.
Price: $1.50 Stock #: BBM-1
Body Gripping trap supporter
left_img Body gripping trap supporter. This supporter easily twists in by hand into wood and when the trap is attached it will hold the trap in place needing no other supports. The SC1C is for trap sizes 110, 120, 160, and 220. Total length is 1.75 inches. right_img
Price: $2.33 Stock #: CS1C
Body Gripping trap supporter
left_img Body gripping trap supporter. This support screws in easily to wood. and once the trap is attached it will hold trap firmly in place needing no other support. This support is 4 inches in length and works for trap sizes 110, 120, 160, 220. right_img
Price: $2.33 Stock #: CS1B
Body Gripping trap supporter
left_img Body gripping trap supporter. This support is pushed into the ground and will support the trap firmly in place when attached. Used for trap sizes 110, 120, 160, 220. Total length is 12 inches. right_img
Price: $2.65 Stock #: CS1A
Ultimate Killer Trap IN STOCK
Ultimate Squirrel Kill Trap
Ultimate squirrel kill trap. Kania 2000. Easy to set, bait and use, no special tools needed. Can be nailed to trees, roofs etc... Kills quickly and humanely. Trap is made of galvanized steel and will last for years. Can also be used on mink, marten, and similar sized animals. Without a doubt the best trap on the market. For best results use with Barons Brand Squirrel Butter Bait, this bait will not go rancid like ordinary peanut butter will.
Price: $74.50 Stock #: Kan
GD1 The Giant Destroyer 4 pack
left_img The Giant Destroyer \"The Effective Gas Killer\" Quickly kills Rats, Moles, Gophers, Skunks, and Ground Squirrels in their holes, tunnels and burrows. This product has been used successfully for many years for rodent control. 4 cartridges per card, for only $6.15. Easy to use and effective!
Price: $6.30 Stock #: GD1
Tomahawk Live Trap 105
left_img Tomahawk Live Trap 105. Great for all types of squirrels. Designed for squirrels, skunks, opossums, and similar size animals. It weighs 3 pounds and measures 24L x 7W x 7H. This trap is constructed from 1" x 1" - 14 gauge galvanized wire mesh.
Price: $42.50 Stock #: TMK105
Tomahawk Live Trap 106
left_img Tomahawk Live Trap 106. Great for grey squirrels, rabbits, and skunks. Designed for cats, squirrels, rabbits, and similar size animals. It weighs 6 pounds and measures 26L x 9W x 9H. It is constructed from 1" x 1" - 14 gauge galvanized wire mesh. This trap has the "bait saver" feature which is a tighter 1/2" x 1" mesh pattern in the back portion of the trap to prevent animals from reaching in from the outside and stealing bait. Scotts pick- Great all around trap.
Price: $59.50 Stock #: TMK106
51690 Safeguard Live Trap
left_img 51690... 11x12x30... for raccoons, woodchucks, opossum, armadillo, rabbits, cats, etc. Used by many professional wildlife control companies. This trap will catch all kinds of animals. You just put bait in the back of the trap and the animal walks in unsuspectingly, the end shuts and the animal is caught unhurt. The most sensational live animal trap ever devised. For best results use with one or more of our baits. Cannot harm children, pets or poultry.Cannot ship next day or 2nd day.
Price: $66.00 Stock #: 51690
Skunk Buffet
left_img Skunks will think there is a buffet especially for them with this non fishy bait. Developed for trapping skunks in areas where catching cats is to be avoided. Outstanding all spring and summer. Holds up well under rain or dry weather. Skunks cannot resist this feast.
Price: $6.50 Stock #: RP6
Raccoon Jam
left_img Raccoon Jam 6 oz. A very strong berry type bait formulated especially for raccoons. Excellent for summer and early fall use, holds up well in heat or rain. Great for use in areas where you are trying to avoid cat catches. Number one bait for catching those pesky coons. At this price you have to try it, wildlife control companies across the country rely on this bait. Raccoons love it!!
Price: $6.50 Stock #: CG6
Groundhog Heaven
left_img Groundhog Heaven 4 oz. Woodchucks, Rabbits, Skunks. This product comes in a 4 oz. plastic squirt bottle and is used mainly for woodchucks or groundhogs. Simply dribble a trail into the trap from the area the animal frequents. In the rear of the trap put 10 - 15 more drops on a cabbage leaf or half an apple. Woodchucks (Groundhogs) can't resist checking this scent out and will soon be waiting for you in your trap. This is the best trailing scent on the market and affordably priced.
Price: $6.50 Stock #: CR4
38 Special Raccoon Bait
left_img 38 Special Raccoon Bait...16 oz. Comes in a 16 oz. squirt bottle for easy handling. It can be used at any time of the year as a trailing scent or bait. Made with oils that raccoons love and works on most other animals. Very strong smoked fish odor. This is the one raccoons cannot resist. Fantastic results!
Price: $8.00 Stock #: 38S16
Hawbakers Mink Lure
left_img Hawbakers mink lure...1 oz. bottle. Hawbakers mink lure is different from others but still highly attractive to mink. Can be used at any type of set, comes in a 1 oz. glass bottle.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: HML1
Big Bucks
left_img Big Bucks is the best mink lure on the market. It will attract any mink that comes along. Can be used at any type of set and is attractive all year long. Comes in a 1 oz. glass bottle.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: Big Bucks
Carman's Deep Creek
left_img Carman's Deep Creek 1 oz. Mink lure, good for dryland or water.
Price: $6.25 Stock #: CDC
Longspring Trap
left_img long1...Longspring Trap This is a number one longspring trap and is used to catch mink, muskrat, and raccoons in water type sets.
Price: $6.99 Stock #: long1