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Mole Control and Supplies for Mole Removal. Poison that kills moles. Mole Traps, Remove Moles from your yard with our mole control products. Get rid of your moles now.

Talstar PL Granules
left_img Talstar PL Granules 25 lb bag. Make your moles, skunks, and armadillos move by eliminating the food source. Pests: Targets a wide variety of pests including: grubs, ants, fleas, ticks, crickets, centipedes, spiders, and much more. Not for sale to NY, AK, PR, VI, CT. A 25 lb bag covers 5,000 to 10,000 feet.
Price: $28.88 Stock #: FMCTel25
0610 Victor Gopher Trap
left_img 0610... Victor Gopher Trap is a sturdy, quick-action trap-Used by government agencies in POCKET GOPHER control-Fully assembled- easy to use.
Price: $4.50 Stock #: 0610
NoMol Mole Trap
left_img NoMol Mole Traps. 4 traps come per box. Very easy to use. Comes with easy to follow directions. Traps are actually set below ground so you can mow your lawn hassle free. These traps can also be used for other burrowing animals of similar size like voles, ground squirrels, or chipmunks.
Price: $22.95 Stock #: 0615
Kaput Mole Bait
left_img Kaput Mole Bait(Jel) Comes in easy to use tubes. Pests: Moles, Eastern Moles, Starnose Moles, Hairy-tailed Moles, Coast Moles, Broad-footed Moles, and Townsend Moles. Not for sale to NC.
Price: $16.95 Stock #: Ka3Mole
Mole Control Book
left_img Mole Control by Washington State Trappers Association (book). This is the complete mole book. A real do it your self guide on mole control, includes mole biology, what they eat, and daily activity as well as how to remove them.
Price: $9.95 Stock #: BK1
Mole Patrol/ Poison Bait
left_img Mole Patrol... Poison Bait 16 oz. Mole Patrol Bait is an anti-coagulant bait for the control of moles and gophers. This specially designed formula is attractive and palatable to the highly suspicious mole. Total control of moles can be achieved with this bait. Control with Mole Patrol is achieved through multiple baiting s into the main runways of the moles and gophers. University studies have revealed total control even in several soil types and moisture conditions. 16 oz. Call to order by the case.
Price: $13.99 Stock #: MP1
left_img Talpirid mole poison. The Moles main food source is earthworms. Talprid mimics this natural food source and comes in worm form. Simply put the worm down inside the burrow system at several different points. Each box has 20 worms. Get Fantastic results! Costs more but is much more effective and will save you time!
Price: $40.51 Stock #: tal-1
left_img Talpirid mole poison Talpirid case of 5 boxes of 20 worms each.
Price: $219.00 Stock #: tal-5
GD1 The Giant Destroyer 4 pack
left_img The Giant Destroyer \"The Effective Gas Killer\" Quickly kills Rats, Moles, Gophers, Skunks, and Ground Squirrels in their holes, tunnels and burrows. This product has been used successfully for many years for rodent control. 4 cartridges per card, for only $6.15. Easy to use and effective!
Price: $6.30 Stock #: GD1