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Gopher traps, poisons, products, and supplies for gopher control and removal.

Cinch Sure Gopher Trap
left_img Cinch sure gopher trap is approved by the U.S. Forest Service for gopher control. Probably the best trap on the market for gophers.
Price: $13.25 Stock #: goph-tp
0610 Victor Gopher Trap
left_img 0610... Victor Gopher Trap is a sturdy, quick-action trap-Used by government agencies in POCKET GOPHER control-Fully assembled- easy to use.
Price: $4.50 Stock #: 0610
Omega Gopher Poison Bait 6 oz
left_img Goph-B Omega Gopher Poison Bait 6 oz. Great for gophers. Kills same day. This groated oat has numerous flavoring and agents incorporated onto and into the naked oat kernel along with extenders and anti-mold agents to insure lengthened quality in storage and in the tunnel feeding regime. Step up to the most attractive and palatable bait.
Price: $10.00 Stock #: Goph-B
GD1 The Giant Destroyer 4 pack
left_img The Giant Destroyer \"The Effective Gas Killer\" Quickly kills Rats, Moles, Gophers, Skunks, and Ground Squirrels in their holes, tunnels and burrows. This product has been used successfully for many years for rodent control. 4 cartridges per card, for only $6.15. Easy to use and effective!
Price: $6.30 Stock #: GD1
Mole Patrol/ Poison Bait
left_img Mole Patrol... Poison Bait 16 oz. Mole Patrol Bait is an anti-coagulant bait for the control of moles and gophers. This specially designed formula is attractive and palatable to the highly suspicious mole. Total control of moles can be achieved with this bait. Control with Mole Patrol is achieved through multiple baiting s into the main runways of the moles and gophers. University studies have revealed total control even in several soil types and moisture conditions. 16 oz. Call to order by the case.
Price: $13.99 Stock #: MP1
Pocket Gopher Control
left_img Pocket Gopher Control. A guide for applicators of Gopher Baiting and Trapping. This pamphlet covers biology, behavior, poisoning, trapping, and other methods of control.
Price: $2.50 Stock #: PGC
Squirrel Butter 6 oz.
left_img Squirrel Butter 6 oz. Absolutely the best bait for squirrels, chipmunks, ground squirrels, rats, and other rodents. Number one bait wildlife professionals use for trapping squirrels. Affordably priced at $6.50 per 6 oz., this bait will last for a long time as you only need a teaspoon in your trap. Smells stronger than peanut butter and will not go rancid. Squirrels cannot resist checking it out! "Contains Peanuts"
Price: $6.50 Stock #: SB6
50450 Safeguard Live Trap
left_img 50450... 5x5x18... for red squirrels, gophers, rats, weasels, chipmunks, and similar sized animals. Used by wildlife control professionals across the country. Comes fully assembled.Cannot harm children, pets, birds or poultry - catches all kinds of animals. Put bait in back of trap and animal walks in unsuspectingly, the end shuts and the animal is caught unhurt. The most sensational live animal trap ever devised. Easy to use, comes with directions. Will last for years to come!
Price: $39.00 Stock #: 50450
Tomahawk Live Trap 102
left_img Tomahawk Live Trap 102. Designed for chipmunks, gophers, rats and similar sized animals. It weighs 2 pounds and measures 18L x 5W x 5H. This trap is constructed from 1/2" x 1" - 16 gauge galvanized wire mesh.
Price: $32.75 Stock #: TMK102