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GP4 Garden Protector Qty 4
left_img Garden Protector..4 pk... FREE SHIPPING! For rabbits, woodchuck, deer, and birds. use with Rabbit Blaster for a one two punch. GP4... Garden Protector (Patent Pending)... ea. Surprisingly effective. Keep unwanted rabbits, woodchucks, deer, birds and other pests out of the garden. Fluttering, colors and sounds mimic "strike movements" of predatory birds. Possibly the easiest yet most effective method of reducing or eliminating garden damage. No batteries, cords, or other maintenance requirements. Easy to install and durable. Directions included. If you are looking for an easy way to deter unwanted animals from your yard or garden this is the tool you need. So easy and effective you won't believe it until you see how well it works! Use with Rabbit Blaster for a one two punch.
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