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Barons Brand Squirrel Butter
Barons "Squirrel Butter"
For excellent results use Barons Brand "Squirrel Butter". This product has year round appeal and still holds the squirrels attention even when other foods are readily available. This product is attractive to all species of squirrels. Squirrel Butter will not get rancid like peanut butter thus eliminating the job of cleaning out old rotten bait. If your goal is to catch squirrels and take the guess work out of what to use for bait,look no further.

Scott's Tip: Put a spoonful of bait on a piece of bread, fold over and place in bait compartment. The bait will stay clean and fresh for several days, even when the bread dries out. After a catch just leave it there for the next squirrel to be caught.
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Easy And Very Effective Kill Trap for Squirrels
There are a lot of different types of squirrel traps on the market. Live traps require checking them everyday and then relocating the squirrels at least ten miles away. This trap is the ultimate in squirrel kill traps. Easy to set, bait, and can be used in almost any situation. Can fasten to a tree or the side of a building with just a screw or simply place on the ground (although not recommended). Best of all - NO TOOLS are needed to set this trap. It is durable and will last many years with little to no maintenance. Well worth the price! BACK IN STOCK! Order NOW before they are gone!
What Happy Trappers are Saying About The Ultimate Squirrel Trap
Got my 2nd Kania 2000 trap yesterday afternoon. I already snagged 3 squirrels by 10am this morning. I can't say enough good things about how well and easy this trap is.
D. Z.

50 squirrels dispatched to date. The Kania, is a squirrels worst nightmare!
G. Fisher

Thank you for shipping the Kania trap so quickly, They ignored it the first day, but the next morning I had my first squirrel. This trap is worth every penny.
M. Rachow

I cant believe I'm ordering another trap...LOL...The first one was amazing, 17 squirrels, and 4 possums in a couple months.
S. Tiedtke

Thank You Animal Control Products!! I bought the Kania 2000 and within 1 hour caught my first squirrel. Love your trap and prompt delivery!
J. Klitch

Thank you thank you, my pecan trees are providing me with pecans and not those pesty squirrels.
T. Green

I was apprehensive due to the price of this trap but decided to go for it and now I am expecting to have a garden full of tomatoes this year, the squirrel population here is now where it should be and not over-run with them eating my tomatoes. I am very happy with the Kania!
V M.

Squirrels be gone! This will be the first year I'll have fruit to eat on mu plum trees - alas! J. Pennington

I quit counting after 200 squirrels, happy in Florida...

This product works so well we now need another one. Thank you! A. Finaldi

Have used this trap in past, best "mousetrap" made! M. Varney

My order arrived in less than 48 hours which was amazing. The Kania 2000 squirrel trap was also amazing, having dispatched 2 specimens to “nut heaven” within several hours of set up. Thank you for a superior product! R. LaRoca

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